22-24 Sept.
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Saturday, 24 Sept. 14:50

The Ecosystem is Bigger than You!

Daniel Braithwaite, Kieron Leppard

20 min. talk
The ubiquity of connected devices in our physical environments is pushing traditional UI work into the background. We now need to design for more diverse senses, and so the skill sets needed to deliver effective solutions are increasing.

Connected world
Customer experience

The number of internet connected devices is growing exponentially year on year. This presents an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to tell a richer story, develop closer relationships and enhance product offerings. As the connected ecosystem grows, designing, building and measuring experiences across these touchpoints is getting more specialised.

Customer journeys cross from private spaces to public spaces and from our bodies to our homes. UI is increasingly fading into the background and more intelligent, contextual and location aware services are on offer. As the focus on UI falls and interaction is increasingly driven by other senses, the skill set needed to deliver these complex experiences is moving beyond the core offering of digital departments and agencies.

So how does an agency, UX or design team own all these touchpoints? How does an experience designer know that what is being imagined is not only feasible, but can be maintained, tested and iterated? The simple answer is they rely on specialist knowledge to deliver the experience at each touchpoint. In our talk, aimed at senior UX practitioners, we will introduce an ecosystem framework that provides a structured approach for designing unchartered and evolving experiences. Our framework is based on established UX processes but introduces a measurement scorecard and dashboard to be used across all touchpoints. This allows each new technology to be examined through simple and standardised metrics.

We’ll explain how this framework fits into an experience designers existing toolkit using real-world examples. We’ll also provide sharable tips and tricks that illustrate how invaluable our framework is, and how it can be used on ‘connected experience’ projects big and small.

Sketch by Nádia Ferreira


About Daniel Braithwaite


Daniel Braithwaite is a Manager of Experience Design at SapientNitro London, where he helps to create boundary-breaking experiences at the intersection of technology and storytelling in the financial services industry. Previously, Daniel was focused on creating seamless multi-channel ecommerce experiences in the fashion industry. Firstly as head of UX Design at Marks & Spencer, and, at the creative agency Wednesday, where he worked for premium clients such as Chanel, Nike and Tommy Hilfiger. In addition, he co-founded the directory StylePoste to provide a global platform for fashion buyers to discover up and coming designers.


About Kieron Leppard


Kieron Leppard started out in 2004. At heart he is an experience designer and a lover of all things digital. After having worked at American Express, Foviance/Seren, FortuneCookie/POSSIBLE and Conchango, he joined SapientNitro in 2010. As Experience Design Director, he co-leads the Experience Design domain whose purpose is to help brands break boundaries at the intersection of story and technology. In the last 12 months, he has worked for SapientNitro in New York and London for clients like Ferrari, Saks Fifth Avenue, British Airways & RBS and picked up numerous awards along the way.

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14:50 - 15:10
The Ecosystem is Bigger than You!
Daniel Braithwaite
Kieron Leppard
The ubiquity of connected devices in our physical environments is pushing traditional UI work into the background. We now need to design for more diverse senses, and so the skill sets needed to deliver effective solutions are increasing.
15:15 - 15:35
REST Interfaces to the Internet of Things
Jack Jansen, Steven Pemberton


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