22-24 Sept.
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Saturday, 24 Sept. 09:00

Taxonomy & UX: Structuring Data to Drive Experiences

Dave Cooksey

4 h. workshop
This workshop will help both experienced as well as beginner IAs and UX designers get to grips with the art of taxonomy. You’ll learn how to design, evaluate and test taxonomies in your own projects.

User research
Experience strategy

It’s become commonplace to hear folks talk about the strategic importance of taxonomy. An increasing number of mission critical projects include taxonomy work streams. But not all IA’s and user experience designers feel comfortable calling taxonomy their own.

Not to worry. This workshop will explain what taxonomy is (and isn’t) and how it contributes the structure necessary to drive compelling experiences and automate content publication.

We will start by defining taxonomy from the perspective of information science and then translate these foundational concepts to user experience.

The workshop will include:

  • A common vocabulary of information science concepts adapted for use in UX;
  • How taxonomy relates to navigation and search (but is not necessarily either of these);
  • How taxonomy organises content and facilitates dynamic publishing;
  • Methods of taxonomy evaluation;
  • How to test taxonomies with users.

At the end of the workshop, participants will know how to design, evaluate, and test taxonomies. The aim of the workshop is for all attending to feel comfortable in undertaking a taxonomy project.

This workshop is appropriate for beginning IA’s and UX designers as well as more experienced practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding of taxonomy and apply it to their current practices.

Session sketch by Nádia Ferreira

Sketch by Inge Nahuis, consultant at GriDD Effective Information


Dave Cooksey


Dave Cooksey is a UX consultant based in Philadelphia. He has extensive experience in balancing what the business wants with what users need. He employs user-centered design techniques to formulate design strategy, build powerful taxonomies, and craft usable and enjoyable user interfaces. He has had the good fortune of working with companies such as Ace Hardware, Anthropologie, Toys ‘R Us, Bath & Body Works, Dick’s Sporting Goods, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, David’s Bridal, and more. Dave is a former User Experience Lead at GSI Commerce (currently eBay Enterprise) and has served multiple times as an officer of PhillyCHI (ACM SIGCHI), Philadelphia’s UX interest group.

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09:00 - 13:00
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Taxonomy & UX: Structuring Data to Drive Experiences
Dave Cooksey
This workshop will help both experienced as well as beginner IAs and UX designers get to grips with the art of taxonomy. You’ll learn how to design, evaluate and test taxonomies in your own projects.
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