22-24 Sept.
EuroIA 2017 goes to Stockholm


Saturday, 24 Sept. 09:00

Rapid Cross-Channel Prototyping

Andrea Resmini

4 h. workshop
This practical and engaging workshop will teach you everything you need to know to map out a cross-channel ecosystem. You’ll create rapid prototypes which you can use to quickly test your ideas.

Experience strategy

In this 4 hour hands-on session, you will learn how to to rapidly prototype digital or digitally-enhanced artefacts as part of a complex cross-channel ecosystem. Whether you have been working with websites, mobile apps, wearables or ambient devices, this very practical, project-on-a-speedrun workshop will provide you with a system-wide, strategic perspective over the role of actors, tasks, channels, and touchpoints in an ecosystem, and will introduce you to a number of methods and techniques to quickly identify how to break down wicked problems and nonlinear set of interrelated activities into a cohesive and design-friendly process.

The final goal is the mapping of the ecosystem, the elaboration of a consistent information architecture, and the strategising of a pervasive approach that can serve as the foundation for a successful experience. The workshop is aimed at experienced practitioners and senior researchers, with very little exposition and a lot of perspiration, as you will spend most of your time sketching and diagramming your way through a real-world use case prepped up to challenge and inspire you. It will take you beyond the confines of the screen, and teach you how to reframe traditional design requirements for complex problems, work through ecosystem-level briefs, and produce meaningful artefact-level deliverables.

Take-aways for attendees include an understanding of the logic and nature of cross-channel ecosystems and the centrality of actors, methods for quickly identifying channels, tasks, and actors relevant for the ecosystem being considered, an understanding of the role of spatial mapping, and a process for transforming a systemic information architecture and mental model into context- or channel-specific individual artefacts that deliver a consistent user experience.

No computers will be harmed in the course of the session: bring your faithful sharpie, we’ll provide all the paper, loads of bluetack, and plenty of space on the walls to foster discussion and instigate joy.


Andrea Resmini


Professor, researcher, information architect, compulsive reader, pensive writer, piano player, husband & dad. Author of Pervasive Information Architecture and Reframing Information Architecture. Editor-in-chief, Journal of Information Architecture.

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Rapid Cross-Channel Prototyping
Andrea Resmini
This practical and engaging workshop will teach you everything you need to know to map out a cross-channel ecosystem. You’ll create rapid prototypes which you can use to quickly test your ideas.
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