22-24 Sept.
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Thursday, 22 Sept. 17:35 room: Koepelkerk

Mobile First, User Lost

Adrian Iacomi

8 min. lightning talk
Mobile-first design philosophy has gained enough credit to become the default in a lot of organisations. Is this always the most appropriate way of thinking though? This talk will explore the dangers in completely excluding large screen experiences.

Connected world
Experience strategy

Moving the experience even further away from desktops and focusing only on mobile devices and IoT to a greater extent, we are assuming we are helping users. This is true for many first-time users as mobile is the first experience. But what happens to the older generations or just to the “regular" user who uses mainly desktop for their day-to-day activities?

E-commerce in particular is famous for not having a high conversion rate on mobile. Most of the time, this is related to low usability and security factors, but let’s not completely exclude the irreplaceable pleasure of browsing products on a large screen with all the details visible.

Responsive Web Design holds a lot of the answers to the above problems, but it is easy to misinterpret some of its principles. And then, how approach should we take for RWD in the world of smartwatches and IoT?

In my view, we should talk about Experience First, which I consider to be a better approach in our digital connected world. An approach that goes beyond screen size and UI, and delves into the core experience, which can be scaled depending on the situation, and by doing so incorporating IoT principles.

During this presentation, I will present several methods to identify the core experience, and why we should develop first a mobile or a desktop experience, decision based on user needs and a greater context which includes IoT. I will also comment on the cases where a complete approach which takes into consideration all devices is not feasible.

Session slides

Mobile First, User Lost

Sketch by Nádia Ferreira


Adrian Iacomi


Adrian Iacomi has been working in the digital world for more than 16 years (of which 8 in UX), within various industries ranging from healthcare to high-fashion. His work includes building apps for life science, doing service design for the retail industry, UX consulting for the luxury sector and others. Now, as an UX Lead at Ness SES in London he provides UX consulting for top tier companies. As a member of the UX community he has presented at various UX conferences and he has held several workshops around the world.

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