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Thursday, 22 Sept. 17:35 room: Koepelkerk

Gamification in UX design — One Way to Do It

Sebastian Hoos

8 min. lightning talk
Ruling out ‘gamification’ as a buzzword, we’ll take a look at a series of research into the dynamics of gamification in the context of behavioural economics, game design and user experience design. The outcome is a practical multi-level design process which can be applied to gamification projects.

User research

Gamification is a buzzword used in many different contexts and promising billions in market forecasts. But still the definition of what gamification is and how it’s done varies from source to source. We believe that there is not one definition of gamification, only a sphere of possible aspects one could in- or exclude, depending on the project’s needs. In our research project we experimented with gamification using approaches from behavioural economics, game design and user experience design. We partnered with a 300.000 people rail and logistics company, which was implementing a new social intranet. This, plus the process of its launch and adoption, was our task to research and gamify. We decided for two groups among the employees to focus on, white collar workers and service personal at the train stations.

We used quantitative and qualitative methods and spoke directly to the users or heard their trainers and management. We researched work motivation, gaming experience, team feelings, neurobiological “player types” (Brainhex) and many more topics needed to find a profound basis for gamification design. Two ideation workshops gave us the opportunity to experiment with different approaches towards the project goals. We tried a user centred approach, where we took the so called play personas and their needs in focus and gamified ideas in a second step. The other approach was to take a gaming approach initially and afterwards trying to fit it to the user needs.

The subsequent multi-level design process will also be part of our presentation, covering levels as motivational approach, tonality of the system, avatar design and visual world design will be covered. At the moment of submission of this abstract, the system is not yet launched. At the conference we will be able to present feedbacks from real-life use of the system.

Session slides

Gamification in UX Design - one way to do it from USEEDS GmbH

Sketch by Nádia Ferreira


Sebastian Hoos


Sebastian Hoos is a user experience researcher and project lead at USEEDS°, a Berlin-based user experience design company. Before that, he ruined his school grades with ego shooter games but was still able to study social sciences. He worked some time as a guest facing front cook and entered the UX design scene as a worldwide user experience researcher in 2010. He joined USEEDS° to be part of their user research integrated design process. He works for customers like Consorsbank, eBay and many more. Sebastian chose gamification as a research topic to inspire his views on UX design.

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