22-24 Sept.
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Thursday, 22 Sept. 17:35 room: Koepelkerk

Challenges and Tools for Multi-Screen UX

Hugo Labonde, Jules Leclerc

8 min. lightning talk
With people using an average of 3.2 connected devices in their daily lives, this talk will explore the value in making it easy continue tasks and activities across different devices. How can we remove the friction between these screens?

Connected devices
User research

“I’m in the subway; as usual, I’m checking Facebook on my smartphone, then I move on to scrolling through a news article. Before missing my subway station, I put my smartphone back in my pocket. Once I get back home, how can I quickly continue reading the news article on my tablet?”

People use an average of 3.2 connected devices. Today, the user experience takes place in the continuity of use between different screens. We conducted a quantitative and qualitative study to identify the key elements of this multi screens UX. More than 170 questionnaires and 23 individual user tests allowed us to build a strong knowledge base. We present the priority factors of multi purpose devices on 4 services: VOD, social networking, news and e-commerce.

The transition from one device to another for the completion of a task has been particularly studied, e.g. from a mobile to a computer or from a tablet to a mobile... We have identified good and bad practices for the design of a multi-screen experience. Sample result for e-commerce: users do not see that their shopping cart is synchronised between their devices. Because of this lack of guidance, the user repeats the task: he adds products into the cart a second time. Thanks to the results of this study, we present design and evaluation tools for the multi-devices UX.

Session slides

Challenges and tools of multi-screen UX from Hugo Labonde

Sketch by Nádia Ferreira


About Hugo Labonde

Hugo Labonde is a UX designer consultant and ergonomist researcher at Usabilis. He studied web design as well as sociology and usability of digital technologies (master degree at Nice Sophia-Antipolis University). He is also passionate about graphic design and programing. Offering increasingly users friendly services in a constantly changing environment is what he’s mostly focused on. Today, his main topic of interest is the multiscreen user experience. He conducted the study (user testing and interviews) to be presented at EuroIA 2016.


About Jules Leclerc


Jules Leclerc is director and UX designer at the Parisian UX specialized agency Usabilis. Since his graduation (Master of Interaction Design at Nantes Atlantique School) he has worked in communication agencies and startups. Jules Leclerc is in charge of UX design and research in various contexts for consumer or business apps. He is also a specialist and trainer in mobile UX and touch interfaces, and co-author of the 5th edition of Ergonomie des interfaces published by Dunod. Jules led the study on multi-devices UX.

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16:40 - 17:25
17:35 - 18:25
Lightning Talks
Challenges and Tools for Multi-Screen UX
Hugo Labonde, Jules Leclerc

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