22-24 Sept.
EuroIA 2017 goes to Stockholm


Thursday, 22 Sept. 17:35 room: Koepelkerk

Africa: Are You Present in this New Era of Connectedness?

Joy Mwihia

8 min. lightning talk
This talk questions a perceived assumption that Africa has little to offer the world of technology. We’ll uncover the value in further including Africa’s different solutions in the global thought process.

Connected world

This talk is as a thought provoking rhetoric focusing on the role Africa would play in global trends especially in technology. It is addressing the current perception that Africa has little to offer the world and that many people seem to ignore African minds yet Africans are being challenged every day to fit into the global world.

This is a talk to make us think about how we are including everyone’s mind to design the future world that is increasingly becoming connected. But it is most importantly about remembering that Africa has different solutions that could be very useful to the rest of the world. All we need is to be included in the global thought process.

Session slides

Africa: Are You Present in this New Era of Connectedness?

Sketch by Nádia Ferreira


Joy Mwihia


Joy Mwihia is a Kenyan architect. She has 8+ experience in the construction industry having run my own interior design studio for 5 years. She recently completed her international MBA at IE Business School in a bid to transition from building architecture to a career in service design. She is interested in entrepreneurship and the startup world. Her past experience has also included assistant lecturer in computer programming, construction software marketing, training and selling as well as mentoring young minds. She is resident in Madrid, Spain, and enjoys social salsa dancing.

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16:40 - 17:25
17:35 - 18:25
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Africa: Are You Present in this New Era of Connectedness?
Joy Mwihia

18:30 - 20:00


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